Coming Q1 – 2024

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GridBox Surge is our small but powerful DC fast charger; its allows up to 150kWDC of EV charging per unit while limiting utility grid charging demand from 0 to 60kWAC. GridBox Surge can charge up to three standard cars before you need to charge the BESS, it has solar and generator input connections to operate off-grid/grid islanded with a 3rd input/ouput for utility grid charging/discharging connection making this the best solution for EV charging and dispatchable energy asset . Our level 3 EV chargers can be configured in a variety of ways, allowing for flexible parking options for drivers and easier installation for site hosts (can parallel up to 12 Surge charging stations).

Dimensions W x D x H / 6" x 4'3" x 7'8"

Weight: 3000 lbs





Under Lithion we helped, pioneer the manufacturing process that led to the commercialization of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) technologies. Lithion’s 20 plus years of experience using LFP chemistry allows the GridBox product line to leverage Lithion’s expertise by providing inherently safe BESS technology.


up to 60kw A/C power

up to 150kW DC Fast Charger